Sudden change


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  1. gary j says:

    been there, done that, got t shirt. (I like your stuff) if you would like academic interpretations, fuck that, I just really like your stuff…

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    1. Hey buddy! I didn’t get you. What are you talking about? Please tell clearly.


  2. gary j says:

    Dear Presentyfacts, I have indeed in my life had great and sudden change thrust upon me, as a child, as a teenager, as a man. Mostly it has been catastrophic, abuse as a child, confusion as a teenager, finally, as a man (at 18 and in the army) to see and do things that still cause me pain. Please forgive my flippant response to Mary Shelley. After all that, I also tried but failed to hold a relationship, lost the respect of my most beloved children, lost the love of my life. Now all I have, is empathy compassion and the requisite experience to say what ever I want, whenever I want, to whom I want. When I say I like your stuff, is respect from me. although I am not worthy for anyone to want respect from. However, you are the future, and I am very much interested in future persons thoughts. All the above, are a part of my experience, for there are in fact many more stories of hurt, and pain in my narrative. This is why I say been there done that, got tshirt, actually, I do not have t shirt but have 9 scars (torso penetrating incidence). I thank you to pull me up on that reply, please believe I am also deeply ashamed to be me. Now all I want to do is to give love, to understand love, to help if I can, my small voice in this complex evolving planet. Please to forgive me, is that clear enough for you. (I like your stuff).

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    1. Ohh! You have experienced allot..somehow i knew from your deep posts. I naturally have respect for people with experience. And yes i have yet to learn. And thank you for everything. Thankyou for offering love to the world. Thanks for liking my stuff, means allot. ☺☺

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  3. gary j says:

    Be thankful for yourself, you are flower, world is your garden. Please forgive my verbose response, but these days I only have truth, love and compassion. I am so thankful you even bother to read my stuff. You do not need to learn, you need to teach… it is always with great effort, and heartfelt pain of life, for me to be so honest with a person of the cloud world. But, I have nothing to lose. My humble thanks to you, my humble wish that you and yours will shape the future, love from man of the past… (can you dig that)

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    1. Thanks again for these words and the advice. 😊

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