Don’t worry if it is not like in the movies.

“Hey! This is so like in the movies.”

“I want to it to be like in the movies!”

Why does it always have to be like in the movies? Why can’t it be like it is actually supposed to be? Don’t you feel that your life is itself a movie. Everything happening in your life right now is the part of your own movie. So what if it is not like she/he have it. It is only better than yours because it resembles like your favorite movie. Really?

Wait! May be you are given a different role, and maybe your role is that of a main character.


Well, maybe is something a second person would say. You have to say to yourself that you are the main character of the movie of your own life.

Stop thinking that others have got it better.

They don’t have it better. They just have got different roles. And if it is too bad what is with you now, then it is not your time yet.


Your role is yet to be played. You have to be patient through it. Keep patient by knowing that you are in the best part of your movie.

Movies are inspired from our life, our life is not inspired from movies.


Too much editing, lots of makeup, CGI and a well written script. That is how a scene in a movie becomes mesmerizing. We always want it to be true in real life.

But the reality is that movies are inspired from us. And we have got it even more natural, more mesmerizing, only if you believe so, but that is the truth, that is the fact.

At last but not the least, movie is never fully a happy one. There are sad scenes too. But no matter if it is a sad scene or a happy one, always remember you are the hero. 🙂


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Thank-you 🙂


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  1. Samantha says:

    Nicely worded! Movies ARE inspired by “normal lives”, but we often forget that.

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