It’s all in the mind


The problem of the problem is that we think about it too much.  And too much of everything is bad.  It is going to hurt.

The problem might not be too problematic in real but in our head .  Most of the time we think about it too much.

This is how we use our mind when we are in a difficult situation~

80% thinking about it and 20% trying to solve it. 

Thus we end up making it more miserable, it happens right!

So what mantra you need to accept to overcome this problem of the problem?                                                                                                                                                       Here is one I learned from our college’s chairman. At first I thought it would be difficult to implement but with practicing it often I was able to help myself most of the time.

The 5-min. formula

Try to be in a calm state after five minutes of the trouble caused.  No matter what the situation is in front of you, you have to be calm within five minutes, you have to be the leader there and take the charge of solving the issue.

This not only helps you but the people around you who are in the same difficult situation.  So the opposite goes well. ~

consulting-helping others

Help others to help yourself , simple!

I tried this five-minute formula. But that advice of being the leader and helping others worked most to help me in difficult situations.


Don’t just sit there, stand up and help yourself.  You are special.

By following this mantra you will slowly realize that the problem is big only in the mind.

In fact it’s all in the mind.

Deep thoughts



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  1. BelleUnruh says:

    I give myself a bit of time to solve a problem, and if there is nothing I can do about it I try to not think about it and give it to God. Yes, the problem can become another problem by itself!

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    1. Yes! but not by itself, we make it another by thinking about it too much. Less worrying and more solving. 😊

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